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Basics/Mines (B/M) provides expertise about graphite and other minerals on behalf of its clients, usually private-sector firms.  B/M provides a range of services and activities:

Corporate Management Related: develops business plans, provides bank-required evaluation of business plans for soundness, assists in strategic planning, unearths opportunities for diversification through acquisitions, mergers and strategic alliances, analyzes competition factors and evaluates competing firms.

Geological/Engineering Related: determines reserves and resources in geological and technical context, recommends technical and/or geological solutions to problems in product recovery, and advises on plant and quarry equipment suitability.

Marketing/Economics Related: analyzes price and market behavior, determines product valuation, performs supply-demand analysis, examines present and future markets and end uses in depth, evaluates technological changes and resulting market impacts, evaluates current marketing efforts and devises improved strategies, collects data and organizes data bases, and organizes and runs market-related surveys such as customer satisfaction surveys.

Government Related: facilitates interaction with governments and response to its actions, evaluates government regulations and recommends strategies for dealing with it, and obtains U.S. Customs determination of import classifications.