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Issue No. 1 December 2000

Welcome to the first issue of the website Dimension Stone Advocate News (DSAN). DSAN will appear on a frequent but irregular basis and has been designed to quickly update busy executives and their professional staff on dimension stone-related developments, usually with a reference to where the item appeared so that more information can be obtained if needed. DSAN will almost never have long items, but instead quick summaries often with references and hyperlinks to the original source for more details.

Significant changes in USGS data: U.S. production (all kinds of dimension stone) up from $225 million in 1998 to $255 million in 1999; U.S. imports up from $698 million in 1998 to $808 million in 1999; Indiana limestone up from $28,300 in 1998 to $33,500 in 1999; U.S. production of rough and dressed monumental granite up from $37,500 in 1998 to $42,100 in 1999; U.S. imports of dressed granite up from $264 million in 1998 to $317 million in 1999; and U.S. imports of worked travertine up from $25,200 in 1998 to $34,900 in 1999.

Outlook for dimension stone, 2001: At this time, the U.S. economy appears to be weakening. Since construction lags the economy, any effect on dimension stone sales may be a while showing up. Dimension stone suppliers would be well advised to make contingency plans for weaker sales and not be caught with inadequate cash flow or too much inventory. Things will appear to be a little clearer when partial 2000 data is provided by the USGS in one or two months, to be summarized here in a later issue.

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